Serpent Vegetables: Philosophy you to definitely alleges Eve’s sin on Yard away from Eden (Genesis step 3) is sexual

Serpent Vegetables: Philosophy you to definitely alleges Eve’s sin on Yard away from Eden (Genesis step 3) is sexual

Sacred Research: One of seven conditions out of Attention Manage according to Robert Lifton’s theory from Envision Reform. The group takes into account its doctrines and you can beliefs is sacred and past concern. Hence, no solution viewpoint is permitted to are present and you may unlock idea out-of solution suggestions and you can free dialogue are quashed.

Salvation by the Performs: Any doctrine that denies salvation because of the sophistication by yourself from the practise one eternal every day life is merited, received, conditioned, or was able due to human work, spiritual routine, monetary contributions, behavior so you can guidelines/commandments, church registration, and/or moral choices.

Santeria: Virtually “praise of your new orleans saints,” a great syncretism from Roman Catholicism and you will traditional African polytheistic religions situated when African slaves were launched towards the Caribbean. Facets were creature give up and you may voodoo.

He’ll eventually falter and become eternally punished (Matthew , Disclosure )

Satan, (The Devil, Brand new Serpent): Lucifer, a high ranking angel exactly who desired to feel exalted for the status from Goodness. By this sin, Lucifer fell and you may turned into Satan, the latest Devil, leading many rebellious angels with him which turned this new demons. Satan and his awesome servers now seek to destroy the master plan and you will folks of Goodness.

Satanism: Depicted by a couple independent groups, secular and you can traditional Satanists. The secularists do not believe in in the a literal, individual, religious becoming named Satan, but rather believe Satan getting an archetype or symbol that stands for the new ideas of Satanic viewpoints. Some satanic beliefs become mind-notice, extravagance, an enthusiastic anti-herd mentality, and you may a focus on intellectual thinking-attract. Types of progressive Satanism range from the Church out-of Satan established by Anton LaVey and now added by the Peter Gilmore just like the Large Priest, Michael Aquino’s Forehead of Set, and you can Lord Egan’s Basic Chapel regarding Satan. Conventional Satanism, that requires new worship of Satan of one’s Bible through a beneficial perversion and you can parody away from Roman Catholicism, starred in new 15th century coming out of the newest Inquisition. Contemporary words off traditional Satanism was rare, and you can prominent areas of they, such as the testimonies away from so-called former Satanists and you will Satanic Ritual Discipline was indeed discredited.

Technology off Man, Mommy Ruth, Portland, OR: A keen mystical and you can mysterious acquisition revitalizing new doctrines of now defunct Holy Buy from Man’s.

Seventh day Adventist Church (SDA), Washington, DC: The largest Adventist chapel

Seance: A conference, usually connected with a moderate, in which there can be a planned attempt to practice necromancy of the calling otherwise emailing new deceased playing with occult tips.

Eve had intercourse for the Snake and you may begot Cain, whoever father is really Satan perhaps not Adam. Cain’s descendants was purportedly somehow perpetuated following the flooding (always due to Noah’s young buck Ham). Diverse teams teach variations of this doctrine. Cain’s descendants are: Jews with respect to the Religious Identity Course, Communists/Atheists according to Unification Church, Whites with regards to the Nation off Yahweh, the brand new destroyed centered on William Branham, etc.

Ellen Grams. White, who reported to own “the brand new heart from prophecy,” was an important early frontrunner of your own path and you may taught good number of distinctive SDA doctrines, such as the Investigative View and you can Sabbatarianism. As church’s specialized theology today seems to be fundamentally into the this new lifestyle out of evangelical Christianity, specific SDA says and book doctrines continue to improve questions. This type of doctrines include the SDA belief one to Sunday praise have a tendency to result in the “Draw of Beast,” unbalanced instruction on the remaining the commandments (baptism, Sabbath observance) very often indicates a variety of salvation because of the really works, this new “Remnant Chapel” doctrine that means your SDA are otherwise would-be God’s merely genuine chapel, in addition to doctrine of the Investigative Wisdom. Profile readily available.

Shamanism: Religious world view out of Indigenous American and other very early countries that believe that “shamans,” witch medical professionals otherwise spiritual leaders, also provide healing, advice (i.e., divination), or wisdom from occult, spiritism, or changed claims of awareness. The newest shaman’s heart often is said to get off you through the a trance (look for away-of-body skills, astral projection), of which big date the latest shaman will consult beings about almost every other globes or assume creature versions.


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